anyone know what is Gun Control? if i against gun control is that mean i can't own a gun? if i favor gun control is that mean owning allow to own a gun?

My reseach paper need to be 2,000 - 2,200 words and need 10 sources.. so how i do this thanks...

I think i'm neutral about gun control.. but i dont care about gun control.. i just want to done this research paper czu it have nothing to with me if i favor it or against it. I want to laws to be harsh and need to get licensed to own gun (same like getting a licensed on car)
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can some1 help me thanks//

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Hi Aznmask,
if i against gun control is that mean i can't own a gun? if i favor gun control is that mean owning allow to own a gun?

You've got them backwards.

If you favor gun control (you want to control guns), then guns should be in limited supply.

If you don't favor gun controls, every Tom, ***, Harry, Sally, Jane and Sue will be packing a concealed gun.

You are being asked to write a four page essay. You need to find 10 sources of information. That should be easy. Look at statistics from FBI, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (hint: There are less guns in Canada, are there less murders per capita?) etc.

You need to

1) Become familiar with the general stats on what happens with and without gun control

2) Become familiar with the arguments used by those who favor and those who oppose gun control

3) Take a position and then defend it

Good luck.

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I need 10 different sources about gun control for a senior project
sorry i dont know either
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i need an intro paragraph, and a thesis and if u can three topics to talk about.

my name is sameer and i need some help for my research paper on gun control i am doing this course individualize and it is difficult for me to do it and i do not know how to start if you have any sample research paper on gun contor please send me thanks.
Talk about why do you want gun control or you dont. Then you could talk about how it could stop crimes and violence. For your last one just talk about why do you feel we should or shouldnt have gun control and give some examples and use that to back your points up.
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