in this sentence i'd say/for example let's say that im talking with somone and i want to express my opinion and i tell the guy"i say that he goes and picks up the pizza"that goes and picks is with the "s" or not????

thanks guys
"i say that he goes and picks up the pizza"

if you're talking with your friend >about this guy, then it has to be goes and picks (with -s) because you're talking about someone else, so you're using forms of he/she or it and therefore the verbs have to take an -s (if it's meant to be in present tense).

Btw: Doesn't it have to be "I'd say" rather than "I say"?
Yes ofcourse, he, she,it take 's' because they are singular. e.g:He eats, She drinks, It hunts but we say: they eat (without s)
I eat
we eat
you eat

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Oops... Hi Dima - I think you were a bit quicker than me Emotion: smile
ok thanks guys....
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