I've got a favourite series, I hope you know it; it's called - The Dark Tower. I read them in English but I'm not a native speaker so I'm sure I couldn't understand everthing perfectly but it isn't a problem... but there is a terribly important sentence in it which I'm not able to translate. I would be grateful if any of you could help me and could explain what it means. Maybe one of you who has already read these books.

This is THE sentenve: "I set my watch and warrant on it."

Thanks a lot.
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your post is very old, so i hope you get my take on this question.
first off...I love the Dark Tower Series, and Roland is a wonderful character.

the way I read it is he's giving his assurance to the situation. whenever he uses this phrase (and he does use it several times during the series) it's always in response to someone needing reassurance. He's saying you cahe believe in whatever is about to occur completely...he'd set his watch (figuratively he'd set his timepiece if he had one) on it and he gives his guarantee. I know roland never had a watch, but it doesn't mean that watches are unheard of in Mid-world...it is after all just another "where" associated with ours. ::smile::

Hope this helped clarify if you were still unsure and if you'd already gotten the info, well....long days and pleasant nights to you, sai Letti.

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Without reading the book I'll take a stab at the meaning.

I believe the character could be saying that he/she is extremely sure of something.

Does that fit into what you are reading?


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I read the Dark Tower not so long ago, but tore through it...
I reckon "Set my watch and warrant by it" is simply a mid world vernacular saying meaning "I Guararntee"... my 2 cents.... I love the series, the universe, and the philosohpy out of
the Dark Tower... All things serve the Beam & The White will ever overcome the Red...
Go the line of the Eld!
hey, man, i read the books, and i'm also not an american, or from any "english-former-speaker" country. and i also read it in english, and what i took from the sentence is that he's reassuring what he said, you know? like: "i bet on it" or, " i give my word on it". hope you understood and enjoy this AWESOME saga! i love the dark tower, and go 'till the end, dude.
roland has indeed seen a watch. it means that he guarantees what he will di. i set my watch and warant on it means i guarantee.
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By setting his watch, he is saying that his watch (not time piece, but what he is actually watching/look for) on the topic at hand. By setting his warrant, it means, like a police warrant, that he will allow himself to act on the situation.

He will watch and he will act. That is what i think it means.
The meaning is "I guarantee it." or more simply "I'm sure of it."
Thanks for that. I also love the Gunslinger series of books and find the different sayings applicable to our own lives.
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I know this post is old, so your question has probably been answered by now, but in the context used within the Dark Tower series, the characters are using the phrase as a way of saying "I'm absolutely sure of it."
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