I've got a favourite series, I hope you know it; it's called - The Dark Tower. I read them in English but I'm not a native speaker so I'm sure I couldn't understand everthing perfectly but it isn't a problem... but there is a terribly important sentence in it which I'm not able to translate. I would be grateful if any of you could help me and could explain what it means. Maybe one of you who has already read these books.

This is THE sentenve: "I set my watch and warrant on it."

Thanks a lot.
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There were all kinds of watches and clocks in Roland's world. They simply ceased to function because, "the world had moved on." Did you not read "The Wastelands"? Do you recall the Tick Tock Man?

Just started reading again for the forth or fifth time. Don't remember exactly.

I believe " I *** you not ". A phrase from another time in my life but my definition.

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I set my watch and warrant on it. Speaking from the standpoint of someone who could almost quote the series by chapter and verse (literally):

I set my watch is not referring to a time piece. He is referring to setting a guard.

To warrant, as in, that warrants concern.

I set my watch and warrant on it means; I will stake my life on it with complete faith.

Thank ye Sai. Long days and pleassant nights.


“I set my watch and warrant on it.”
In Mid-World: “I’m certain. Trust me. You’ll see. No doubt. It’s going down.”


this is a real saying, it means that whatever follows in the conversation is True ; can be trusted. So much so that the person is willing to set their watch, and to ‘Warrant ‘ is to say “ This will get done!”

anyway that’s the way I see it 😄

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