Woman: This is pretty expensive perfume, too, and it's not for you.

Man: I'm sorry, Frankie. I really am ashamed of myself.

Woman: Hmm. I should think so, too.




What does "I should think so, too" mean in this dialogue?

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I should think so, especially with stress on the last word as I should think so, means that the speaker is agreeing somewhat indignantly with what has just been said.

In this case it suggests, "And you should be ashamed of yourself" as if to say "Anyone in your position would be ashamed of himself, so it's only reasonable that you are ashamed of yourself".

There is also a usage where so is not stressed so much if at all, and it can mean that the speaker is confident that the answer is 'yes' and it adds the extra flavor that the speaker thinks it is only right and fair that this is how things should be:

— Are your best clothes required in that restaurant?
— I should think so.


rezaenglishWhat does "I should think so, too" mean in this dialogue?

It does not sound natural there, and I can't tell what the writer thought it meant. Without "too", "I should think so" means "It is hardly surprising. In fact, any normal person would feel the way you do." This is one expression in which Americans use "should" to mean "would".

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