I want to know what i need to do in order to speak cleary, consisely and intelligently. I've learned that most of the time, i'm at a loss for words, coversationally speaking, and may come across as unintelligent because my wording just isn't there. It's embarrasing. And it's caused me from being a social person. I also find myself sabotaging relationships with people because of this speaking problem I have. What am I lacking? I mean, I would talk to anyone. Im not that shy. I read alot. I've studied grammar privately. I've taken classes on public speaking, grammar and critical thinking. I use vocabulary books and dictionaries everytime I need them. I've also read books on comprehension, critical thinking, reasoning and listening effectively and I still dont think I speak effectively. I can enunciate a word well and can even imitate public speaking figures or TV/Movie personalities quite well. I'm not delusional because i've recorded myself and i notice that i fumble alot or stop to think for a sec about the next word or the idea as a whole i'm trying to convey. It's as if I cannot make my words flow. I've noticed how people can just flow with words as if were born to speak. Like news anchors speak marvelously, I think. I would love to speak as a news anchor does. How do they do it, I wonder. It's all i think about, speaking clearly. What's wrong? Do i have a mental problem perhaps?
I was born in the U.S. and:
hi there,

Wish i could sort it out. I have the exact same problem i totally stumble when ispeak and again its not that i dont know or my grammer is weak. the words dont form when i speak and people assume i'm the silent type. No im a "chatter box". but one thing is i do much better on a one to one basis.
i wish i knew if im intimidated by a crowd???
I really want to overcome it coz people dont think im smart enough i want to improve... be like the others.

i wish someone could help!!!
Hi someone,
I think the first thing you need to do is to work on your confidence, delete in your mind that you have a problem in speaking and concentrate more on the positive side, that you can speak well regardless. Next, read books that will widen your knowledge on something that people talk about, watch national geographic, or some documentary films. I believe that a mind that is full of knowledge on something about the world, about people, about anything can speak about them fluently. What we have stored in our mind, we can speak about them. But if we have an empty mind, even if we know grammar, etc. we won't be able to speak fluently. Why? because we have nothing in our memory bank to speak of....

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thankQ for your suggestion..... nd i loved your answer..\
you have one problem but i have many problems in English .i can't speak one sentence in english.
I'm also friend.... and now i'm still study on the my phone.....
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You can check out my article for the answer to that exact question.

I hope this is helpful to you.
I want to someone speek with me then I know what mistake I did .