hi, i'm a teacher in china.the next term,i will teach computer course in english.(it's called bilingual education),but my spoken english is bad ,i need to help to improve my spoken english.

anyone have good suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

thanks and regards.

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If you can not find native speakers in your area, then try installing "sykpe". All you need is a head set with a microphone and to find some partners. I suggest trying forums to find people.

Also speak with people you know want to learn English. When you do this, get them to write an e-mail to you with what mistakes they think you made. Then either consult some English speakers or if their English is good correct your mistakes in the e-mail and get them to give you feedback.

Also try listening to audio files/ podcasts, and then recording yourself. See if there is a difference between yours and the example file.

In order to improve your spoken English you have to listen (!) and speak, maybe 60% to 40% and you can acieve this goal by using a computer programm with headset as for example Rosetta Stone and English from digital publishing. I had improved my English and French by using the programms of digital publishing (www.digitalpublishing.de) and without speaking with native speakers. In my last exam in English (Cambridge Advanced English) I got 85 % in speaking even I had had zero practice in speaking with other people in the last months. But I am constantly hearing some language (English, French, Japanese) when I work and a lot of radio, when I am preparing the dinner.

The simplest advice would have been: speak with people but I assumed that you don't have this opportunity, otherwise your post would be meanless. But there are indeed ways to improve the spoken language without being in the forein country. Most people underestimate the listening. My husband has been learning Italian only by listening. As he joined a language class after months in hearing, he was the person with the best pronunciation in the room. At this time he was 44 years old and not really experienced with learning languages.

One of my languages programms also indicate to record yourself and to hear your flaws. I don't like the idea and don't practise it.

Kind regards,

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
thank you for your suggesion of english speaking
Please try yourself.Read newspaper loudly,Watching movies,hearing songs..
thanks for giving great suggestions.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
With my little knowledge i would like to inform that listening to various english news channels conversing with fluently english speaking people reading books loudly may contribute in increeasing the fluency of english.
Just listen as much as you can to TV, Movies etc. Get on Skype, loads of classes with native speaker tutors on there.


I am not a native speaker but I have to admit it took me some time to get along with the pronunciation.
My guess it's all about your language skills, and how fond of the respective language are you.
Go with your instinct, find out your own way of learning a new language.
I hope I am being helpful.
Good luck!
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