I think that "I still feel the taste of garlic in my mouth" is incorrect but I need to be 100% sure...


How would you paraphrase this?

How about: I still have the taste of garlic in my mouth. ?
Your solution is perfect.

"I can still taste the garlic!" is also common.

"Feel" certainly contributes to the experience of eating something, but we're usually referring to its texture, not its taste.

However, in some cases the touch sensors are stimulated in an unusual way, as when drinking a carbonated beverage, for example. I don't think you'd consider this taste.

Also, many spices stimulate the touch sensors. Ginger and pepper leave a certain tingle, in addition to their effect on the taste buds (salt, sweet, sour, bitter).

And to a very great extent, we identify foods by means of smell, which seems to have infinitely more sensors than the four which taste gives us. I doubt you'd be able to identify the presence of garlic by taste alone.
Thank you for the response. It certainly helped a lot Emotion: smile