I love you, and I am sure its bleeding through

but you my love, have no space for me

in your heart and it kills me, to know

that you have moved on.

I sit, and I try to justify all my mistakes,

I sit, and I cry, for I never imagined you would

be with anyone else. Now its too late to turn

back and erase all the hateful words, I just

wanted to see you hurt, like I was and still am..

The truely pathetic part of all, is

I still want you back, still want you to

be by myside, but your love for

has dissolved and all I am left with

are tears of a broken bond. I cry for

you in my dreams, I wake in tears but

you're completley fine about this.

Tell me, how do you walk away

so gracefully? You were my bestfriend,

you were my soulmate, and now, I am left

confused and alienated...but you my friend

are just fine, just fine through all this.
O.K that's nice becouse it's about how do you feel and i think you have a big heart to carry like this feelling.


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Ohhh. that's sad. Well written, though. Take care,
Hi there,

How distressful to have a situation like this.

Take care