hello friends!

im a student from norway who wants to study medicine in England! doesnt matter where!

i'v heard that there is a CAT exam or something like that! where can i take it? have you any information about that? any websites?
Hi.. UKCAT is an exam required by some universities. Other universities require BMAT, which is another medical exam. You must find out the requirements of each university to which you will apply. BMAT can only be taken in England, yet, UKCAT can be taken in your own country. To find out whether this exam is available in Norway, you must enter the site (http://www.ukcat.ac.uk/home / ). If it is not available, you need to send an e-mail to Email Removed">Email Removed and find out what you should do. Hope all this information helps you.
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i want to study medicine in uk too.
BMAT can take in Norway. UKCAT am not sure atill searching.
hi you can take UKCAt test or the BMAT test depending which university you choose to go for and you can register for the test via www.ukcat.ac.uk and there will be definately some test center in Norway where you can go for giving test most probably in Oslo.Hope this helps.

My sister also wants to study medicine in England and we are also searching for all the information we can get. Can you please tell me what you found so far about the requirements? Thank you and good luck with your search. Email Removed
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Regarding your post I shall inform you that the Medicine is very expensive in England the tuition and the costs of living.

The standards and the conditions of the Uni are very good. Moreover since January 2009 the currency there is Euro.

For example the prices in Slovakia are as follows. The cost of accommodation (dormitory) is approx. 80 euro per month. Books are for free and the tuition doesn't change for 6 years. The tuition fee is 8500 euro /year.
University in Kosice also offers the possibility of having the last year of study in the country of your origin or any other country that student would like to.
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Curently the best and the most popular Medical University is in Slovakia in Kosice - Medical University - Pavol Jozef Safarik University.You can chekc it on this link (removed)

Irena Nagel
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I am also considering studying medicine in UK. Is there any scholarships offered for international students?
I am from Japan.

Thank you