I've started reading ebooks provided at gutenberg.org. And I've been interested, too, in reading these books. But the problem is that I find that these books don't use English language the way I hear people around me use it. There are some instances when I find sentences that sound too old or outdated to me. I feel as if I've never heard or used such sentences, as used in ebooks at Gutenberg. Note that I'm NOT at all suggesting that the language used there is incorrect English.

Considering what I said above, what would you like to suggest, please? Will it have a negative effect on my English learning? I want to learn and speak the English which people today speak or use.

Thank you.


I waited for the teachers to answer, but it looks like you'll have to settle for a self-styled authority on just about everything.

Gutenberg has older stuff in the public domain. There seems to be no way to search by date of publication. Reading the older stuff will give your English depth, but it will teach a beginner many outmoded uses and words. I would stay away from it until I was fluent. I would not read anything from before about 1920. That said, if the English in your post is any indication, you should be able to handle the old stuff. Just bear in mind what it is.

Dear anonymous, thank you so much for your reply! Emotion: smile One more thing: could you suggest me some books which I can find and read online? I'm particularly interested in books containing stories on "mystery", "suspense", "romance", or a mixture of all these things. I don't know what my level of English is, but I think you were right when you said it would be a good idea if I didn't read anything from before about 1920. Because what's the use reading, and learning from, something that is no longer used (much)?