I saw a few other posts like this in this section so I'm going to assume it's okay.

After working for private businesses for a long time, I've decided to move to teaching exclusively online through EduFire. I know many people here would like to practice their English with a native speaker for free and are disappointed that teachers online charge, but at least with EduFire even a "conversation lesson" is much more than a conversation. The EduFire system allows for video chat like Skype but also allow us to share files. I can upload scenes from movies and TV shows, play them in the virtual "classroom" and go over vocabulary (for example). I can write out notes on a digital whiteboard or scan in activities from textbooks.

Anyway, search for "Marianne" on EduFire or check out my sample lesson on YouTube (
) ... or send me a message here Emotion: smile

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great, i have learned a lot from this video, thank you very much, Marianne.
Marianne is so lovely
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Thanks Marianne.  I think it's a really interesting and informative clip. I was recently given this automated feedback from a vocabulary assessment programme and one of its suggestions was "to learn the fine distinctions of meaning between similar expressions". 

And you've covered the nuance between 'clever', 'smart' and 'intelligence'. Can't wait to see what follows.

Thanks again

your voice is good ,video is informative , and i want to join you
you are so smart in terms of english teacher.
does it correct sentence in terms of gramatically?
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you're a good person, hope to see you and hear your voice online
thank you ! I go to find the lessons
Wow, that really helped me !
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