I think my teacher is attracted to me, heres why, do you think he does?

-he stares at me ALL the time in the hallway, he does it in a way where i can totally tell
-hes always checking me out
-he flirts with me
-at prom i was sitting at a table and he kept slowly walking around my table and staring at me then walked away, them he came up to me out of nowhere and said" i just want you to know you look beautiful tonight" and he winked at me
-one time he locked me out of his classroom just to be funny and i kept knocking on the door and he was just smiling at me and put his hand up to his ear like he couldnt hear me, he was totally flirting

I believe this is written by a native speaker. I wonder why she used "does" instead of "is"? What would the verb after does be if it hadn't been omitted?

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It is probably a mistake.

"...does like me?"

The phrase "Does he like me?" is a common way to ask that question, she probably shifted gears to ask that question.
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Thanks, Vorpar.
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ya thats true he is flirting
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