I just cant seem to complete this module, its really annoying and would appreciate any help with the quizes that can be given.

Most of us are not in the least familiar with these TEFL modules.

If you have a question about grammar or about a sentence, the best thing is to simply post it here.

Best wishes, Clive
Hi are you doing the i-to-i online course? I am considering taking their course but I am not quite sure if I can make it... Can you tell me something more? Especially about the modules which include the grammar issues? I would appreciate your help.
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Hi .

I am doing the TEFL and i am finding it very hard and not relevant to what my plan is .. I am looking to teach the younger students , lets say up to teens . This course is for very advanced teaching . espeacialy module 3 on grammar ... I am concidering quitting .... it is way too much to learn and 40 minites to do exam is not enough ... Suggestion welcome ..


I am finding it extremely hard this module 3 and its so much to read its crazy.

Hi there I’m also doing it and been struggling for a while with the test so if you can can I would really appreciate it.

So here’s my email pls help if you can.

Email Removed

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