Hello , I am Gu Gu and I am from Myanmar country which is situated in Asia, near Thailand, China and India. Myanmar is one of the ASIAN countries. Now, I want to inform you all more about Myanmar as far as I can say.
I think most of the people in foreign countries don't know Myanmar. For me, I want to give messages about Myanmar and its culture. I am still a student and in Myanmar, we all speak in Myanmar, and so, I am not expert in English but I will try my best. Please correct me and reply to me how you think after you have read.
Our Myanmar country is also known as the land of pagodas. It is made up of seven states which are Kachin,Kayah,Kayin,Chin, Mon,Rakhine and Shan and seven divisions which are Mandalay,Yangon,Sagaing,Bago,Ayeyarwady,Tanintharyi and Magwe. There are many rivers, streams, beautiful beach shores and green woods. Myanmar is rich in national resources which are still unexplored.
Myanmar's population is estimated at over 47 million and it is made up of many different national races and religions. Most of the people are Buddhists and a few are other religions, Christian, Hindus,Isalam( I am sorry if spellings are wrong) and others. Most of the Myanmar people who are living in our country are honest, helpful, friendly, fun loving and peaceful. The ancient Myanmar people wear Longyi and Dhamai politely. But now, it does changes. The clothes and dresses are modernistic. I don't want to say about those clothes. The youths are influenced by the modernistic clothes. It is the current. I can understand that.
Myanmar has three seasons which are summer, Monsoon and winter (hot season, rainy season and cold season). It has temperate climate and it is also an agricultural country. Most of the people in Myanmar grow paddy and most important crops all the year.
And also, Myanmar people are fun-loving people. In Myanmar calendar, there are twelve months just like the Gregorian calendar which we are using today). Each month has its own festival and flower. The twelve months of Myanmar calendar are Tagu,Kason,Nayong,Waso,Wakaung,Tawthalin,Thadingyut ,Tansongmon,Nadaw,
Pyartho,Tabodwe,Tabaung. The most famous festivals are water festival in Tagu(April) which is also known as New Year festival( in Myanmar we call "Thingyan"), the water pouring festival at Banyan Tree in Kason ( May),the donating robe to the monks( the sons of Buddha) and the lightning festival in Thadingyut(October). These festivals are well known among some foreigners and the Myanmar people. The rest festivals are also well known too but only among the Myanmar people. I think each of this festival gives the Myanmar people pleasure, amusement, good-deed and unity. There are also many festivals which are still obscure and but celebrating in the rural areas. Myanmar has its own culture and tradition. Myanmar is also known as the golden land because of its glittering pagodas. However, I am very proud of my country although Myanmar is still a developing country. But I believe my country will develop one day.
Well, I think that's all about Myanmar but it is only a brief of Myanmar. Now, I think you all know Myanmar. (If you want know more about Myanmar, you can find in google or check this website http://www.myanmar.com . In conclusion, when I am writing this letter, the New Year festival (Thingy an) is still celebrating. I hope my letter will let you know more about Myanmar and I hope too. After you have read all, please give me some advice and commends about my country as well as about my English skills. To write about Myanmar, I have to read and find many facts to be exact. Thank you very much, everyone for your attention. I am Gu Gu from Myanmar. Be happy, everyone!
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Oh... Very intersting...

Thanks a lot for the nice and useful information:)

Hey there Gu Gu, my name is Nelson. Emotion: smile

It was really amazing your article about your country, although i had never heard of Myanmar, i became really interested about it. You know, my country is called El Salvador, its in Central America, from Mexico you go down to Guatemala, and down of Guatemala is El Salvador. I hope we can chat sometime and i can get to tell you a little bit more about my homeland. ^^

Take care!.. Nelson

P.S. Your english is actually pretty good, keep going and you will master it in no time! Emotion: smile
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vey nice composition. your writing style is good. you will progress in future. Well done
Hello,Gu Gu!

I am really proud of you for this easy. Your writing skill is really great.
you are my honor,I admired your english levels just because the english is not your mother languange,I am a boy from China,ancient China was well relationship with Myanmar,especialy about buddhism,well,hope can make friends with you !good luck with you !
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hei Gu Gu...don't worry, i know your country hehe..., coz i am from Asia too Emotion: smile. btw, your writing is good.
My friends

Could you all please read ASEAN in stead of ASIAN? I used the wrong usage. Thank you all .See you later!
Good Boy! I am proud of you. Emotion: smile
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