hi :

i want to know can i use through. i am so confuse about it. please give me some advice and example.

thank you for your help.
THROUGH has many different uses and meanings. Here are only some of them:

1) passing from one end or side to the other especially a tunnel or passage.
e.g. The train went through a tunnel to get to the city.
2) moving in something or between things by which you are surrounded. Similar in meaning to 'among'
e.g. The doctor had to push his way through the crowd.
3) moving or travelling from one side or end of a place to another.
e.g. The Thames flows through London.
4) from the beginning to the end of a situation or activity.
e.g. I'm halfway through reading Eddings latest novel.
5) indicating the cause or reaon for something.
e.g. We were late through no fault of mine. (It was the traffic)
6) pass a barrier which is established.
e.g. She drove through the red light by accident.

And this is only the beginning...
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dear woodward,

thank you very much for you advice, but i still confuse anyway. maybe i will try to make sentences and use "through". i hope you correct it.

thank you again.
Another usage ' I am through with him/her 'Emotion: smile. means I no longer want to have any dealings with ... or talk to the person.
I can see through him. It means I can see what his intentions are.
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It suddenly struck me that there is one moreEmotion: smile

eg He is assigned to see through the whole projectEmotion: smile. ( to supervise from the beginning til the end )