HI ,
I'm not good with writing paragraph .
Someone can tell me how I began and what rules I need to now , and some TIps .

Thanks .
I like this one:


...which doesn't imply I can follow it Emotion: wink
Thanks , but you have something else?
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«Thanks , but you have something else?»

Well, you need something else? Make your question more specific. ...Or just go google for style guides!
You do need to be more specific. What kind of feedback do you get? Do they say that your sentences aren't well connected? Do they say you have a hard time keeping your tenses consistent? Do they say you don't have enough supporting details?

A basis paragraph consists of a topic sentence that in some way says what the paragraph is about. It will have anywhere from one to three or even four other sentences that support this main theme, with details or examples. It may even have a summary sentence that wraps it up. It should be consistent in tense.
I want to learn the connectors such as : therefore,however,but,in addiction etc.
and I want explanation how to use with them in the sentence.
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Why don't you write a couple parapgraphs that uses a few transitions and see how it goes. Post them here and we can tell you if something sounds unnatural.
  "I want to learn the connectors such as:  therefore,  however,    but, in addiction etc. and I want explanation how to use  with    them in the sentence."      I'd like to help you BUT I can't. (Conradiction)        The old method based on Linear  Programming  was  ineffective,    therefore the new method for finding a graph's max  flux,  was    met enthusiastically and acquired a wide recogniton very soon.      (therefore = there for =  because  of  which/that  --  reason,     implication)      I can't help you, however you may ask natives.      (How to call it? -- Partial contradiction, when there's a      lateral way of solving the problem...)
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