Dear teachers,

very often I am in the situation when I really don´t know how to translate a word which I know in Czech language but I cannot translate into English. This word is very important to me so I hope some of you are experts on electricity!

I must translate the word "lišta" and I found in the dictionary from CZ to ENG : "Board, batten, lath, bar" but I really doubt one of these word fits the context. I try to explain then the context so maybe you will be able to help me.

This "lišta" is a thin plastic item which should cover the electric wires for reasons of safety.

If it is still not clear I can add a link so that you can see how it looks.

Thank you so much!!

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yes, in Czech language we have a special word for "electrical wire cover" that is lišta. Today I also found the word: "cable protector" which I think it is more appropriate, but I am not sure Emotion: smile


Pamela81"cable protector" which I think it is more appropriate
Emotion: yes I agree. I would use "cable protector".

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I see...

Cable protector sounds good and simple..

"Electric wire protector" also seems to be a word for the lista:

Power Cable Protection , also seems to be being used.

And I guess, "which I think it is more appropriate" should be "which I think is more appropriate".
Hi Pamela. I think you mean ' wire / cable duct ' especially in casing and capping(capping and casing) type of electrical wiring. It's also known as ' case and capping ' and often made of PVC.
Oh, my God!!

It's the word.

Wire duct, or cable duct...

I googled with "wire duct" and clicked "image" button.

Thanks kunhi...

You must be an electric engineer...
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Thank you to all but I considered my question answered when CJ had confirmed the word "cable protector"

I guess one English native speaker knows it for sure.... :-)

Hi ,Pructus. I'm not an electrical engineer, though i studied electrical engineering for two years. In those days I had practical on casing &capping wiring. For Pamela81, I'm sorry, I'm not a native speaker