I think you've heard this before but..

I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebrities.
I turn pancakes brown
and make your champane bubble.
If you squeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.
Can you guess the riddle?

No idea what the answer is..help please =/


Update: Besides 'Time', 'God', 'Pressure' and 'Air':

The #1 solution is 'NO' or 'YES' (as anybody can 'guess' the riddle)

See more detailed answers below..

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there was a very similar riddle going around... too bad that i forgot how it goes... that riddle is famous, it's all over the internet b/c i was looking for the answer to it. The end of the riddle states the same thing: 90 something percnet of Harvard students couldn't guess it and then a large percentage of children guessed it... why because the answer was NOTHING. I believe that someone just made up/coppied the riddle from the original one. So the answer to this riddle is NO or NO I CAN'T. Plus on myspace it tells you that if you send it out to other you will get the answer in the inbox. Obviously you get NOTHING in the inbox, the answer will be magically appear in your inbox. So what's the answer????? NO, NO I CAN'T, NOTHING... your choice... it's NOT PRESSURE!!! that answer is more than ridiculous!!!!!! How the heck are people supposed to think of pressure????!!!!!????
I think that the answer is circles.

The sun is a circle... it would reflect the sun, thus turning the bear white.

Your eyes-cirlces- will make you cry.

guys having to pee.... well, ?

Rain will make a girl comb her hair.

A camera lense can make a celebrity llok stupid as well as normal people look like a celebrity.

Heat is dispersed in a circle.

The bubbles in champane

A bubble will pop if you try and squeeze it and you will pop by looking at your reflection.

That is what I think.
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WELL.. actually

Harvard students WOULD sit down and try to answer questions like these. They do stuff like this all the time. They get paid to do it... why wouldn't they decide to sit down and try to solve a stupid puzzle. Just because Harvard is a world renown school and has excellent academic records doesn't mean they sit around in labs all day everday trying to calculate a mathematical formula that will make humans blast off at the speed of light. They do some very odd things like the answering that stupid question "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop" and got actual statisics -- Obviously there was no definite answer.
A riddle is only a riddle when a question is asked.
The question isn't "What am I?"
The question is "Can you guess this riddle?"
There's no other question to answer, otherwise it's just a series of seemingly conected statements that one would assume means "What am I?" and then there would be a different answer.

The real answer is (I'm 99% sure about this) "No, I can't."
ok i dont entirely know that answer but im close. there is a chemical compound in the air which turns polar bears fur white, its in onions ( makes u cry ) also in the air which makes hair frizzy, is in grease ( turns pancakes brown ) etc.

all i know is that its not no i cant, and the answer being looked for isnt God. it could be but thats not the True answer.

i think its some kind of chemical found in all these diffrent things.
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Did anyone read this?

The time has come,
winter is here
and those yellow bears disapear.

The time has past
as man looks back with a sigh
and a tear in his eye.

As time is held
boys cross their legs
but of course the toilet begs

As time marches on
Girls loose their blush
and swap a comb for their brush

As time passes
For those held high
their end is nigh

As time catches up
Everyone is equal
when we get to the final sequal

As time turns
Without it we have flour and water
With it we have breakfast for my daughter

As time revolves
How does one turn water and wine
into something so fine

As time runs out
The more in a minute you try and squeeze
the less you can do with ease.

As time ticks
All the time that has past
man cannot comprehand something so vast.

It's time.
what about soap, balloon?
what about soap? it makes crying and it can pop.
what about balloon? it can be popped and kids cry when balloons are taken away.
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