I read this sentence and I'm having trouble understanding the bold part. Does it make sense? IN PART OF THE ENSEMBLE??? , CHARACTERS WHOSE ACTORS...??? Could you explain it to me if it does make sense or reword it if it doesn't?

This portal shows the eventual fates of all of the characters whose actors have ever been given a main billing on the cast in order of episode count . That is to say, when the credits roll at the beginning of the show, their name has been included in part of the ensemble of actors that are presented as "Starring" in the show, and not as guest or featured stars.

Thank you
Yes, it makes sense.

Some actors have been given a main billing. The portal shows the fates of all the characters played by those actors (but, by implicaton, not the fates of other characters).

In the show's credits, some actors are presented as "starring". These are the actors considered to have been given a "main billing" for these purposes. ("ensemble of actors" just means "group of actors").
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Ok Thank you, but is the original sentence ok or awkward. Would you rephrase it?

I don't understand "... part in....."??

Thank you
alc24Ok Thank you, but is the original sentence ok or awkward.
It's largely OK.
alc24I don't understand "... part in.."??
I assume you mean "... in part ...". This seems unnecessary. I don't see any reason to worry whether an actor's name is included in part of the ensemble of "Starring" actors; all that matters is that it is included. "part of" can be omitted as far as I can see.

It may have been intended to say "as part of", which would make more sense.

Actually, though, my guess is that it is trying to say "... in that part of ...". In other words, the credits list an ensemble of actors. A part of that ensemble is the set of actors presented as "Starring".