I would like to apply to the Vocational Teacher Programme and I have to write the essay.
Write an essay (2-3 pages) and title it appropropratiely considering the main contents. The essay should be based on the following points: • What is your current occupation and what are your main work tasks? Describe and justify the choices you have made in the defferent phases of your work history – how did you get to the current phase? • Discuss: What are the challenges of your own professional development as a teacher? How is the vocational teacher profession changing in relation to the changes in the working environment? How could the challenges you described above be taken into account in the X... Vocational Teacher Education?

I don't know how to title it, so please here is the essay itself. Thank you for any comments.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apply to the H…. Vocational Teacher Education Programme in English.

I work nowadays as an English teacher in J….. Comprehensive School.

My main task is obviously to teach English (27 hours a week), but as a full time teacher I take care of two international projects, such as Comenius- Sokrates and E-Twinning. Both projects involve students and teachers from many countries.

COMENIUS supports school partnerships, projects for the training of school education staff, and school education networks. It thus aims to enhance the quality of teaching, strengthen its European dimension and promote language learning and mobility. In December 2005 Comenius conference took place in J……. Our school was proud to host many project coordinators and teachers from , , , , etc. We had a week to discuss about future projects and other activities. Our school will take part in the exchange student program. Five students with two teachers will go to in May 2006.

E-Twinning is the main action of the European Union's eLearning programme. It promotes the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at schools in . Teachers and students use the Internet to work together across borders. They cooperate, exchange information and share learning materials. Our school has had two partner schools so far. We have done introduction presentations and have been writing letter to each other. Many different written projects have been sent among partner schools.

As the English teacher I have done web pages where pupils find on-line recourses for learning English language. They can read different texts, grammar materials and check their language skills trough on-line exercises.

But how did I become a teacher?

I have got a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in 2001 from the H..….Polytechnic. However since there was no possibility to take a master’s degree in English with a polytechnic degree that time, I have completed other studies abroad.

When studying international business I got interested in electronic commerce. That’s why I took master courses in E-commerce at B.…. University.

Finishing business studies had given me a sense of accomplishment that whetted my
appetite for further studies, so I started studies in psychology at W….. University.

Psychological studies aimed at providing selected elements of psychological knowledge and skills to the holders of higher education diplomas which are taken to update or develop professional or academic knowledge.

As you can see yourself I have done a lot of work to increase my qualifications. Moreover I have done my degrees faster than other students. For example X…..…Bachelor degree I completed within 2,5 years with good grades although the whole studies usually take 3,5 - 4 years and that’s why I was awarded by a scholarship. I was considered to be a courteous and studious student, a light-hearted friend and an enthusiasm coworker.

I think my carrier path has also showed that I have developed as a person.

Before my graduation I was working as a marketing assistant, later on as a customer service representative. In the beginning of 2003 I was ready to establish my own firm and became and entrepreneur. In the same year I published a book “Business in ” and the publisher M……….. has been selling out successfully.
I was a language and culture trainer for X….. businessmen and individuals. I was able to help different organizations and companies with translations and interpreting. That was the time when I realized that I love to teach.

My studies in psychology at W…. University give me bigger possibilities to be a good teacher. In order to achieve a good command of the language, it is important that the students master all the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Therefore my students are always encouraged to speak up in class. I have created the English on-line exercises page when making the school web pages to give students opportunities to study in different environments. Different international projects have been also part of my teaching methods. It is very important for me to have a positive influence on a student’s learning process.

Since I hold a degree in business thinking about my future career I see myself in a position of a vocational teacher.

When studying at W.. University I began to see vocational education in a different light. It's what good education is all about. It involves students. It asks them to work together. It asks them to put their "book learning" to work to solve real problems. That is, education that helps people learn to solve problems, be creative, and adjust to new situations. It’s using theory in practice.

I thing there are many challenges in my own professional development as a teacher.

The challenges of teaching have certainly not stood still. Teaching students today is very different than in previous generations. There are much higher expectations by students, families and society. Students need to know more now than ever before to succeed. Yet, students are also less in awe of authority than in previous generations. Like never before, there is a broader diversity of students, both culturally and in terms of how they learn.

Teaching and learning are complex, and teachers need time to learn and experiment with new concepts in the classroom, just as their students do. Principles of effective teaching and learning for students extend to effective professional development for teachers. It should be driven by an analysis of teachers' goals; it should involve teachers in the identification of what they need to learn; it should be organized around collaborative problem solving; it should be continuous and adequately supported; it should be information rich; it should include opportunities for the development of theoretical understanding; and it should be part of a comprehensive change process. Teachers need time to reflect on the meaning of education in a pluralistic society, on the relationships between teachers and learners, and on social attitudes about language and culture that affect students.

I think that the vocational teaching profession should be changing in relation to the changes in the working environment. Vocational institutions should develop fully the talents and capabilities of the students. The industry is still changing and new jobs are being created all the time. Many branches of studies should introduce subjects which are in particular demand on the labour market. In particular, when students leave school they should have employment related skills and an understanding of the work environment; they should have career options and pathways as a foundation for, and positive attitudes towards vocational education and training further education, and life-long learning.

Different teaching methods should be introduced to achieve the goals. In many countries schools have already adopted E-learning courses or even the whole programs are instructed via the internet. Also evening programs or the modular study system should be introduced in all vocational institutions, which would increase the number of students.

English Polytechnic Master’s programs should also come in force as soon as possible.

I would like to have the opportunity to enroll in the H….Vocational Teacher Education Programme in English to put my knowledge into a higher standard.

In addition, working and attending this programme , I will have opportunities to meet people from various professions, offering me different points of view and contributing to my flexibility and creativity, besides the cultural and language gains. Moreover, I have come to recognize that a deep and solid education provided by your programme is needed for me to pursue my career in teaching area. Therefore, if I successfully graduate from the programme and I will make practical use of what I have learned.

I hope that I will be accepted as an an applicant of the Vocational Teacher Education Programme. I understand that admission to the programme is competitive, but I am also confident that I am qualified and eager, and prepared to meet all of its challenges. With my good command of English, I will not have difficulty in studying subjects taught in this language. I have also taken part in many social activities and worked with foreigners, so I am able to adapt to a constantly changing work environment and maintain good working relationships with individuals of different cultural backgrounds.

I would be most grateful if you could give my application your most favorable consideration.

Yours faithfully,
To be honest with you, as you are applying to teach English I don't think it is right to help you with the content of your letter, but you should take a second look as there are quite a few errors in there.
I'm not applying to teach English, but to study to become a vocational teacher. I'm not native English and I've been teaching English in a primary school....