this is soooo new to me Emotion: crying
hello every1 im sorry this is the second time im gonna write this cause the first one i accidentlly erased what i was going 2 post Emotion: sad
anyways, i was saying that this is my first time to subscription in a forum"obviously" Emotion: geeked
i usually read , so this is my first post and i hope 2 find help hereEmotion: smile
my debate topic discussion is about "teenagers in love with artists in all kind "
is it good for them or is it bad
im sitting in the against seat !! and thats becuse i think that the teenagers will get the bad sides of the artists rather then getting the good sides
teenage are yong ,so they only look at what they like 2 hear and what they like 2 c
they'll take the bad language from them just so that they would be called"cool" after that artists or even change his look from haircut to haircolur to cloth they wear so they could be like THAT ARTIST im not saying all of them are like that but most who think that they lose their breath when they c that special artist
i think that it takes way too much time of their life just thinking about them or dreaming about them and all that kind of stuff
i would like u guys to share with me ur thought about them
and maybe give me some new ideas 2 convice my audence"the students in my class"
that im right
and i also wanna know if someone thinks the other way roundEmotion: smile
thanx 4 ur time reading my post

freay.. new thing 2 me..a step i finally took Emotion: rolleyes
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Hi freaky, welcome to the forums.

I think that it's just a phase, at least for most of them. Maybe they imitate their idols' clothing and hairstyles because they are trying to express themselves, but there's no harm in that anyway. Swearing is something that most, if not all, teenagers do. A little guidance from their teacher here could do nothing but good, but I'm sure that most of them will grow out of this habit as well, when they're older and a little more mature.
Hi henrirtta,
thank u 4 the replyEmotion: smile
i agree with if the case is normal people normal kid ,im not saying that their crazy but im talking about the teenages who are obsessional about the stars until they grow up
some of them turly day dream about them .for example, some of may even put their imporant things in the trash 2 watch a concert in the t.v
anyways thanx for sharing ur opinion with meEmotion: smile
hope to see others opinions
im waiting..

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Having been a teenager myself, I personally view it as the adolescent transition entering adulthood. I found my teenage years to be filled with the most emotional complexties one could imagine. From observance it was also a phase where everyone becomes somewhat self-absorbed to a certain degree. I think it's the most critical years in a youth's search for one's identity. In other words, we become so exposed to ecterior influences other than the ones we've come to be so very familiar with at home, we are led into different paths of perception. Whatever that means.Emotion: smile It just sounds good in my head. ^_~
WHAT UP Emotion: dog TALK TO ME
I feel a lot of sympathy for teenagers even though as an adult I do find most of them pretty dumb/rude/horrible/bad-tempered/a pain most of the time!

It is a tough stage of life to go through for everyone involved - teenager, parents, community. I think that teenagers get a lot of unfair criticism (despite what I said above) and people leap to a lot of conclusions about them. Group of teenagers on a street - gasp! Must be up to something! - when actually they are probably just hanging out with their friends. I've seen people cross the street to avoid walking close to teenagers and I always wonder how that person would feel if they were treated like a pariah. Of course there are some dangerous, criminal, aggressive, stupid, dodgy teenagers...but sadly there are people like this of all ages. You shouldn't assume all teenagers are like this and I think that, increasingly, the adult community is starting to fall into this trap.

I wouldn't be a teenager again for a million pounds.
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i m a teenager and i dont wanna be an adultEmotion: sad i m getting old and the other responsibilies are waiting 4 me:(
I also think its a phase, many teenagers succumb to the culture that is being thrown in our faces just as easily as adults do. I believe it is more difficult as a teenager not to follow these perceptions that what others do is what is "cool" or just the "Right way of living". WE are, anyway, still trying to find who we are, we rarely have the chance to embrace our individuality.

I apologize for the way this was written, I am exhausted and really not thinking clearly.
Being a teenager myself, I hold that we, teenagers should stand up for our rights. I call on each and every one of you my peers to not let your parrents order you around, don't let them have the upper hand! "Fight for your right to party!"
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