okay, I know this site is dedicated for learning English and stuff, but I really would like to be able to use a Scottish accent. Or using Irish accents are cool too. Do you guys have any tips? Maybe a site you know that goes over the basics of Scottish or Irish accents? I think Scottish and Irish accents are the coolest things ever!
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I don't like them, although I can tolerate the Dublin and Edinburgh varieties. I think the Glasgow accent and most Northern Ireland accents sound awful.

The best way to pick up an accent is to live there. Any other way will give you an accent that sounds false.
well i don't think i'm gonna move all the way to Scotland to pick up an accent, so any other helpful tips? any sites that help you learn Scottish accents? Or maybe are there some basics? (By the way I have an American accent, Pennsylvanian accent). So like maybe say certain words a certain way? Like I know you say "time" like "t-i-a-me". Can you maybe tell me some of those kinds of things? Certain words are said a certain way.
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Take a holiday in Scotland. I recommend Edinburgh where the accent is quite pleasant (in my opinion). Take a pocket-size recorder. Collect as much speech as you can.
Buy braveheart on dvd an watch it over and over again ^^
There is an audio CD available "Acting with a Scottish accent" by David Stern. I have not used it, but have seen it on line.
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There is an audio CD available "Acting with a Scottish accent" by David Stern. I have not used it, but have seen it on line.
I really want an Irish accent as well! I'm not so sure on the Scottish though. Watch films with Irish speaking people and copy the lines yourself, read books in your head with an Irish accent. You should soften your vowels and make them longer. If you aim for a couple of easy sentences a day, and progress from there it isnt quite so hard. Try with your friends and have a laugh at the snmae time!

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Hi all.

I really don't know how I got to this webpage so please forgive me Emotion: smile

I'm a simple Slovak guy who have lived in Ireland and Northern Ireland. To be honest, I fell in love with those accents. The Cork's accent is my favourite 'cause I spend the longest time over there. I visited Belfast and Derry and have caught some of these accents as well. In my opinion, they sound much better than american or australian accents.. (I'm a student of American college in Slovakia.. After three years, believe or not, I just hate American accent Emotion: smile )

I'd loved to learn Belfast accent and be able to use it in a conversation..

There is one more movie where you can listen to pure Scottish accent. Its name is Dog Soldiers.. The movie is crap but Scottish accent is cool, much better than that in Braveheart.

Slan Abhaile!
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