How can you forget someone you love?

I mean I'm in love with this girl, but she's so busy in her studies and job that she doesn't give herself a chance to get to know me. There's something that has to be mentioned, her ex-boyfriend broke you with her in a bad way and I think she's disappointed with men in general. I dated her younger sister first, a year ago,but it's the oldest one whom I really like. Having dated the youngest one first could have been a problem? what do you think?
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Hi JuanZZZ, in my experience I forgot someone I loved only falling in love with another one. Concerning the sisters: well, I've got a younger sister, it's happened that a she had a crush on a boy who had a crush on me and it was a big mess: don't put yourself in the middle of 2 sister: it is bad for you and for them! By the way I understand that your situation is complicated!
for me, I think, it will be a problem. The girl you dated before is her close relatives. She doesn't like this situation. It will be no problem if the girl you dated before is the person who she doesn't know. Some of the girl are proud and jealous. But it will be difficult to tell about love. We don't know how Love will decide????
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Hi Francesa, thanks for your advice. You're right, being between two sister is such a big problem that you don't know how to deal with. I'll get rid of that feeling by dating someone else and by not staying in touch with the sisters for a long time, You know what? It's funny because her parents accept me and have a good concept of me. However, what is good for the parents is not for the children. They want me to be with their daughter, but the decision isn't up to them.
It's true. They are very close and talk about their things. Sometimes I wonder what they have talked about me, the youngest one could have told the oldest some things about me that she didn't like or something like that. Difficult to find out. I wish I had met the oldest one first.
Good Luck JuanZZZ!
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JuanZZZHow can you forget someone you love?

You can't.

Life isn't easy, is it?

JuanZZZ, your situation is really VERY complicated and now it can be difficult for you to believe that someday somehow everything will be all right. But believe me, such things happen even more often than we suppose they do. For instance, I have a family in my neighbourhood. There are three brothers, one of them had a girl who.. now is his brother's wife. They have two children and live really good, I mean they look as if they were happy together. So.. Good luck:-) You'll see, everyhing will be OK.

Cheer :-))


Thanks for your words. The oldest one has told me recently that she is seeing a guy. It could be true or not, but the fact is that she's not available anymore. Now it turns out that the youngest one, with whom I dated first, is single now. I didn't mention this, but when the youngest one and I used to go out as friends, I liked her a lot, however, she had a relationship with a guy from another country over the Internet!!. They have never met before!!. I know that that internet thing is over. Even, the youngest one and I went out to the movies recently and it felt really nice. I felt that I wanted to give it another shot with her. I feel confused and I don't know how to proceed because after trying with the oldest again I would like to be with the youngest one again. The situation now is very diferent since she is single. What do you think?
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