This is the first time I post it on this forum. I'm french and I'm studying english at college. So, I would like to improve my english. Indeed, I have some difficulties. If you have some advices don't hesitate help to me and correct me! Thanks a lot.Emotion: smile
First piece of advice - never say 'advices'.
Instead, 'some advice' or 'a lot of advice' for example.
Hi there,

I'm willing to help u improve your English if u like using msn messenger or here. I've a BA in English n used to work as an English teacher. The only problem is that my french is poor. If u think I can help, please reply.

Eman Magdoub

BD and PR Coordinator

Drexel Oilfield Equipment
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there are many ways you can learn/practice English on-line for free. There are chat rooms for English learners, people looking for some teaching experience, Skype groups, YIM groups and more. If you can't find help here then just keep looking. Use Google or your favorite search engine.

Good luck.
Do you really want to learnn english? I think all you need to do is read lots of english books, but try to understand some unfamiliar words.You can use dictionary to help you know the meaning of the word.Try to communicate to other people in english, don't worry if you have some mistake, it takes a lot of practice to make it perfect. Just have fun while learning.