hello freinds, i can write english, i can understand english but i can't speak it fluently. can you suggest me how to improve english speaking. is it all about practice and confidence ? please help me.
Hi there,
Its listen, understand, and speak. I can tell you some tips that I know:
Listen to music, read the lyrics, and sing it
Watch TV especially NEWS not just crap programmes Emotion: stick out tongue
You dont have to practice it everyday most of the time, just a few minutes or up to an hour everyday and I hope you will be able to speak fluently very soon. GOOD LUCK Emotion: big smile
Language learning is something that takes time. Here are a few tips by which you can learn English quickly:

1. be obsessive. You must be passionate and enthusiastic for learning English

2. Give in Massive Input: Follow a routine; watch/read news, listen to music, read a book, listen to radio etc.

3. Make an English speaking friend.

4. be positive and confident.

You can also join language institutes like British Council for their short term courses which would help you in becoming fluent in English language.
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies

just please help to speak English

Try to get more conversation, you will really focus on speaking abilities and improve confidence in using English by practicing to speak everyday with your friends, classmates and the tutors.

Record your audio and listen again and again which improve the level of your accent.

Hopefully this way will help you to speak in a better way!

I agree with you.

You are right!

Thank u

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Yes. If course. Butterfly, l nerd too. Ok

I want to speak English