What does "I was being had" mean? I got it from the book I'm reading, from the context, I took it as if it meant "I was having".

"I hesitated. It wasn't the money, it was the sudden, unpleasant suspicion that I was being had. That this woman wasn't really a medium, but simply a swizzer preying on innocent tourists."

It's not only the meaning, but the sentence. It looks weird, "was being had"? Is it a "normal" thing to read? English is so confusing sometimes..Emotion: crying
had = cheated; deceived; etc.
Hi Pucca,

"Being had" often means "Being duped", or "Being tricked"; he or she felt that someone was trying to take advantage of him/her.
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I looked it up in the dictionary thinking it would be something like this but without success.

Thank you, Yizhivika Emotion: smile
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Thank you, CJ Emotion: smile
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