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Ray Charles performed, Jim Sullins wrote.
I wish you were here -Incubus.
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I’d love to have De Niro’s smile,
To smell greenish-blue as Chanel 5,
To have Burton’s pronunciation,
To be calm as in August the whole nation,
To have muscles as Scwartzennegger’s,
My mind very sharp as Heidegger’s,
I’d love to be nice as Bardot some time ago,
If to Bill Gates I could say hello,
If I could change hearts as Barnard did,
At I could stroke the whole Madrid,
If I was getting on really well,
If I could reach Bruce Willis anywhere,
If I had more ships than Onassis owned,
If I owned the whole Orange, Vodafone,
If some guys were reading me on the Mars,
If Mike Tyson was frightened of my eyes,
To a super-spy I could say: Just shoot off!
He would say : I’m Bond. James Bond.
I would say: I’m Szabo. Peter Szabo.

If dad was here would be the best, though.
Off the top of my head I think of "I Wish" by R. Kelly:

"...I wish that I could touch you now,
I wish that I could hold you now,
I wish that I could talk to you, be with you somehow..."

That should be a good one

Other songs that contain wish:

"I swear to stay the way you wish I would"
---Train ("I Wish You Would")

"I wish that this night would never end"
---Whitney Houston ("Could I Have This Kiss Forever" feat. Enrique Iglesias)

"I wish it made sense.
Like a joke that no one gets, It's a life without regrets"
---Natalie Imbruglia ("Wishing I was There")

"When tomorrow comes to take me away
I wish that I, that I could stay..."
"You know I've got to go.
And lord I wish it wasn't so..."
---Eagle-Eye Cherry ("Save tonight")

"And I wish you were here"
---Incubus ("Wish you were here")

"I wish for you on a shining star,
Wondering where you are,
Do I ever cross your mind in the warm sunshine?"
---LFO ("Girl on TV")

"Sometimes I wish that I was someone like Brad Pitt,
She'd walk right over to me and she'd say 'hey, we should split'"
"Sometimes I wish that I looked like Tom Cruise,
Cause in a crowded room I'd be the one that she would choose"
---LFO ("6 Minutes")

"I call the nurse, cause it hurts to reminisce.
How did it come to this? I wish they didn't miss."
---2pac ("Only God Can Judge Me")

"The last day of the rest of my life.
I wish that I'd have known cause I'd have kissed my mother goodbye..."
P.O.D. (Youth Of The Nation)

"Wishing all of my daydreams come true"
---Tatyana Ali ("Daydreaming")

"I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye...
No I don't, on second thought, I just ***' wish he would die"
---Eminem ("Cleaning Out My Closet")

"He's everything you want,
He's everything you need,
He's everything inside of you that you wish you could be"
---Vertical Horizon ("Everything You Want")

"Much success to you, even if you wish me the opposite
Sooner or later we'll all see who the prophet is"
---Nas ("Nas Is Like")

"I wish I knew how to separate the two"
---Usher ("U Remind Me")

"Damn I wish you would've had my child.
A pretty little girl with diddy style"
---Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Puffy/Diddy Puff Pie/Puff the Magic Diddy("I Need a Girl Part 1"feat Usher & Loon)

"My thoughts, Big, I just can't define.
I wish I could turn back the hands of time"
---Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Puffy/Diddy Puff Pie/Puff the Magic Diddy("I'll be Missing You")
Hi, I know this one ! The song is "I wish you were here tonight", sung by Ray Charles.
It was the title song and was written by Jim Sullins
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The song " I wish you were here" by Pink Floyd might be what your looking for.
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pink floyd
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