Can you think of any songs that have the verb wish? I am trying to prepare an exercise with I wish. I know a song that it is something like " I wish you were here tonight but I can't remember who wrote it or sang it."
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I'm afraid the only songs i can think of at the moment with wish are disney songs (cheesy).
A dream is a wish your heart makes....
When you wish upon a star.....
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Would it be easier if I used "will I see you tonight?" or " I wish I could see you tonight", something which could be of real use to students. They like learning these kind of sentences. What's more they like practising them with their partners in class.
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I think we use "I wish..." a lot when we speak, so yes, teach them real sentences.
I wish I had bigger boobs..... I wish I hadn't written that on the forum....... I wish I could speak 10 languages fluently....... etc....

Ask them to think of something they would like to change about themselves, then their best friend, their work, their city, the world etc. Change these statements into I wish.... statements.

For example:
my best friend smokes. I want her to stop smoking.
I wish my best friend would stop smoking.
LOL. That was funny geebeens.
So would I.
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Wait lemme think of some tell you later
Oh no! I have heard that before!
You have heard of what before?
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