Hi, dear teachers.

I am wondering if it is appropriate to make such a statement (or something of that sort) at the end of a business letter, refusal letter or in any other business wording conveying my politeness in businesslike way. Thank you so much in advance.
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While it might be culture dependent, in North America, conciseness and brevity are highly valued.

In other words, if something is added on just to be polite and doesn't convey useful information, then it is wasted effort.

Email is a popular form of communication. And often, a pdf business letter is enclosed along with an email. If you've become friends with the other person, you might say something personal in your email, while keeping letter more "official".

But as a general statement, business letters are short and concise. Less is more.

If you have a specific example that you are curious about, then go ahead and post it.
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Thank you. I do have one. I would like to add the header to the end of the letter for example while sending a refusal letter. Judging what has been said, I had better knock it off.
If you are writing a refusal letter, the tone of your letter will speak volumes.

1) We do not want to conduct business with you.

2) While we appreciate your efforts and the sincerity of your proposal, we are not interested at this time in conducting further business.

While the first iteration is more concise and brief, it is also a bit rude. The second version is longer, but more polite. Neither one conveys personal information. But the two versions have much different "tones."
I am not quite following. Here is the situation. I got a proposal for an interview and after reflecting a little decided not to participate in it so I wrote a letter appreciating their interest in my candidature but I am wondering whether it is appropriate to add a phrase, which I did add, such as "I wish your business to prosper". Here is the draft:

"Dear madam/sir ***. I would like to thank you for your interest in my candidature and an invitation to an interview. Your offer is of interest to me but your office location is highly inappropriate for me. If your company plans on expandining its business in the future, I will appreciate your offers. I wish your business to prosper. Yours sincerely. Anton K."

"I wish you and your business the best " are pretty equal "I wish your business to prosper", aren't they? Emotion: smile
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