“Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is a famous novel written by Mark Twain. Set in the late 1840s, Huck Finn is a non-fiction that reads like a picaresque romantic adventure with colorful gothic descriptions of people and places along the Mississippi River. At its heart is the complicated relationship between Huck and Jim, a white boy and a black slave, both of whom yearn for freedom from society’s strictures. Their story brings a profound moral core and precious lessons.

The story is written through the eyes of Huckleberry Finn. Huck lives in St. Petersburg, Missouri, with the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson, who attempt to educate him and civilize him in all aspects. Huck is sick of all of the confinement and civilization that the window enforces upon him, so he prefers running off with his buddy Tom. All is going well until Pap - Huck's drunken father arrives back in town and kidnaps Huck to a small shack across the river. Based on his intelligence, Huck successfully escapes from Pap. However, instead of going back to the widow's house, he decides to run away with Jim, Miss Watson's slave, and they, together, start the journey in search of freedom. While traveling on a raft down the river, Huck and Jim have many fantastic and dangerous adventures together, then become best of friends. At the end of the story, Huck and Jim have an emotional reunion at Tom Sawyer's Aunt Sally's house.

Huckleberry Finn is the main character, who is very kind and intelligent. Besides, Tom Sawyer is an imaginative and dominating person. Jim is a black man, intelligent and selfless and he is always a runaway slave. Both of them have a dream of freedom. While, Pap, Huck’s father, Widow Douglas, and Miss Watson are the villains, who restrain their life.

The chapter I found most interesting is 195 that tells the first time Huck decides based on his morality. As we know in the novel, white children are taught that they will go to hell if they help a slave run away. However, against these autocratic teachings, especially regarding racism and slavery, Huck decides to release Jim - who is not a person but becomes a friend in Huck's eyes. This decision is shaped by his attempt to make moral evaluations despite the pressures of surrounding theological and societal codes. The chapter has given me a precious lesson about morals. Doing what you feel in your gut is right – is the most important test we will have to take. The story reminds me to be conscious to consider right and wrong to have a good choice.

Arguably Mark Twain’s most famous novel—indeed, one of the greatest works of American literature is Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It has a good storyline with colorful and lively descriptions. Character development is unique, three-dimensional characters with depth, personalities, and clear motivations. Plots are surprising and entertaining with a solid foundation. It is a fantastic classic boyhood adventure tale. However, more than an entertaining tool, the novel is also an indictment of racism and includes many meaningful lessons. Although the story is interesting, it can be not easy to hack through the vernacular dialogue and narration because it can be hurtful or confusing to encounter the N-word too frequently. The subtlety of the work that talks about freedom, identity, and growth with such a simple story can be lost on young people not accustomed to looking for a metaphor. Nevertheless, in total, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is worth reading.

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