I need help with some sentences. which is correct? what is the difference?

Let's say I speak with someone, and that person tells me she did something very dangerous while she visited France.

(1) I would have been very scared ...(to do that)

(2) I would had been very scared...

(3) I would be very scared...

It think (3) refers to the future. It means that if I find myself in her situation (sometime in the future) I will be scared.

I think (1) and (2) refer to the past, but I don't see the difference between them.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you very much!
You are right about number (3).

Number (1) is correct and number (2) is grammatically incorrect.

Perhaps he would have been prosecuted by now

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Second sentence is utterly incorrect as 'had' never comes after 'would'. First and last sentences are correct but both sentences differ in meaning.

First sentence implies that If I had been in this situation (I wasn't but if i were) , I would have been very scared to do it.It's in the past.

Third sentence is not in the future.It's more likely to be taken as a present sentence.It implies that if the speaker is in a situation where he has to do something, he will be scared.

Just to be clear , i added 'will' to state the meaning explicitly.It does not mean that it's a future tense.It's a present tense.