Hi sir,

I would like to request 2 days leave for my personal reason. My leave starting from 21st July to 22 July and will start to work again on 24th.



What do you think?? Is it polite? I work in a small company, so we don't have a big gap between boss and the workers. Emotion: stick out tongue
Dear Mr. Ramkumar,

I would like to request 2 days' leave for personal business on the 16th and 17th of January. I will return to work on the 18th.

Thank your for your consideration.

Manoj Kelkar
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Hello, sweet strawberry - and welcome to English Forums. No matter how small the organization, there is always an advantage in being polite. It would be better if you could give some indication of the kind of 'personal reasons' in your letter.

Dear Mr [surname],

I would like to request 2 days' leave (July 22-23) for personal reasons. My leave would start on July 22nd, and I would return to work on the 24th.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


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Oh thank you very much for the help!! And thanks again for calling me sweet strawberry Emotion: big smile
How to write a leave application to the boss in a very short and sweet manner?
Start by writing as if you were speaking shortly and sweetly to your boss. Post your effort here and we will review it for you.
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i want to reply a letter of explanation on a mistake
Please read my post immediately above yours. Post your effort here and we will check it.
To, Date-22.05.2012
XYZ Company,

Dear sir,

Sub-Leave Application

I will go to my native place for 15 days,from dt-25.06.12 to 05.06.12.
Thus, i want 15 days leave & I will join on my work on dt-06.06.12.

I would be oblige if you grant me these days.

Yours Faithfully

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22 May 2012

[recipient's full name]
[recipient's title]
XYZ Company
Mumbai 68

Dear Mr [surname],

I would like to return to my hometown for 15 days from June 5th to 20th because [reason]. I will return to work on June 21st.

I would be obliged if you grant me this leave.

Yours sincerely,

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