What does it mean to be an individual? (This is what I think, you have you're own identity, but I need to expand more and I can't think of anything...) I'm basically asking, what does it take to be an individual?

What does it mean to have freedom? (I think it means having free of speech, free of conscience and having rights and such, is there more to it? Please tell me in specific what freedom means)

Please respond to my post since I need clarification of what it means to be an individual and to have freedom so I can proceed on writing an essay relating these words (and if possible, if you can direct me to ideas what I can write about either individual or freedom)!

Thank You.

P.S. What's the difference between human freedom and political freedom?
And please don't direct me to wikipedia, that site is unreliable...
Hi Macleef

Have you tried to look for the meanings of these concepts through search engines i.e. google, or looked in your library for books and journals that discuss these subjects?

It is possible that you may not find the exact template of what you're looking for but if you make some time to read through the relevant sources, you will find a way to address your challenge. Research is all part of composing any essay, even yours.

Start today and don't delay!

All the best

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You have answered your own question - yes, being an individual means you have your own identity. The purpose of the essay is to hear your thoughts on that, not ours.

Political freedom comes from laws. Personal freedoms come from society and family.