Many students today have extra classes after schools or at the weekends.

Do you feel this is a worthwhile thing to do or do you feel children have enough education at school?

It has become much more common for students to attend night classes or have extra lessons with their teachers or parents at the weekends. Although some people regard this as a necessary and helpful development, I still believe that school children should spend their leisure time on other equally important aspects of life instead of just focusing on school work all day long.

It would be reasonable to acknowledge the educational merits extra classes bring to students. The hours spent studying at school may not be sufficient for some children, especially those with difficulties in taking in new knowledge or students who find the lecture on a specific day too hard to understand. In those cases, night classes with parents or teachers’ instructions are great choices that help motivate children and keep them away from negative feelings or thinking that they are lagging behind in class. Additionally, in order to pass challenging examinations like university entrance exams, students may need extra hours studying with teachers and friends. Those complementary study hours can boost students’ confidence, making them feel they are ready for tests.

However, I do not agree with the idea that all students should take night or weekend classes after official hours at school. Our brains need time and space to rest so that they can absorb new things; therefore, long hours of studying without interval rests may result in fatigue, stress, or even lethargy. I went through days of hard work with extra classes every night when the university entrance exam drew near and because of not taking enough sleep, I could not take in new knowledge for several days. Besides, there are so much more important things that we should focus on in our lives, so instead of encouraging students to spend 100% on studying, advise them to multi-direct their focus. Playing more sports, hanging out with friends, developing hobbies, and watching TV with family members are some useful activities that students can do after school to relax and refresh their minds.

Although I agree with the benefits extra classes bring to students, I still hold a firm belief that students should be encouraged to spend time on other things as well instead of concentrating too much on their study.

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