The Mouse’s True Petition

Enough! Long I waited forlorn, oppressed.
In darkness I dreamt to see the freedom’s
light and run around and sing the mighty song.
Alas, each day I pray to live that day.

How long I begged you hear my cries,
And grant me my rights.
You shut your heart and told me lies,
“Wait” say you, “that day shall come”
Shall I obey, and my right give away?
Shall I wait more and complain less?

I slept chained, so you controlled my fate,
You gripped my hand and never let me free
Your frugal I ate, yet I grew strong.
Now, I would prefer to flee.

My freedom I shan’t beg, for I
I will shout and shriek
And let chained brothers and sisters hear.

As God’s creatures compassion give
I shall not wish you such pain
Beware! a creature’s librety don’t detain
For when those chained hear me,
Their right will obtain,
And you’ll lose what you gain

I, today, took my God-given gift,
Like birds, happy and free,
I dance, sing, and pray,
Surrounded by His lands and seas.

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