okay so i have to do a 10 minute presentation in about a week and a half. i'm in the ib program and i'm a junior, (so if your in ib you know what i'm talking about, those stupid oral presentations that count for 30 percent of your ib english grade blahh). for my topic i chose to do how the great gatsby resembles a greek tragedy with jay gatsby being the tragic hero. i need ALOT of help with this. I am horrible with this kinda stuff. I am a very math/science based person and this kinda stuff does NOT come easy to me. i would VERRRY much appreciate it if i could get some help on this. my email is or you can post on here, either way is fine.

please please if you are skilled in the english/literature/interpretation of works area and you have read the great gatsby i would very much appreciate it. like i said this counts for 15% of my junior ib english grade (the other 15% is for senior year)


Thesis: Despite its modern setting, The Great Gatsby strongly resembles a Greek tragedy. Jay Gatsby, of course serves to be the tragic hero who is brought down by his own malignant flaw

Major Questions/Areas of Discussion
how can you compare the great gatsby as a modern day greek tragedy?
what are the requirements for a greek tragedy and how does the great gatsby fit into that criteria?
how does gatsby recognize in the end his flawed nature by his inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy?
how can you connect gatsby's death as a direct result of a tragic flaw?

what would, in your opinion, be gatsby's flaw?

^if you can answer even just one of those questions, you'd be a big help. even if you haven't read the great gatsby i would still appreciate any information on recognizing a greek tragedy and what the major qualifications for one are.
See this site: http://www.teachtheteachers.org/projects/JZarro2/process2.html

But you really need to be able to answer the questions you pose yourself. We're not a homework service, but we can help you with what you come up with.
All the person asked for was a little help, to dont have to be a bloody pikey to her
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