Is there anyone who's taken an IBT TOEFL test?
I'd like to know about the speaking section.
How do they measure your speech skills? Do computer programs check you making speeches?
How do you prepare for the section?
Thanks in advance!
I took it last year.

There are 6 different tasks.
Two of them ("independent tasks") simply ask you to answer a short question about general topics.
The other four are called "integrated tasks" because:
- two test your speaking, reading and listening skills together (you must answer two questions -- one on a campus-based situation and the other on a lecture -- basing your answer on what you read and listen to),
- two test your speaking and listening skills combined (you must answer two questions which require you to summarise a lecture and a talk).

You have only few seconds to prepare your answer, so you need to be very quick in organising your ideas! Also, it is advisable to become familiar with microphones and recordings ...

Finally, your answers are marked by humans (as for the writing section).

I suggest you check this [url=http://www.ets.org/portal/site/ets/menuitem.1488512ecfd5b8849a77b13bc3921509/?vgnextoid=f138af5e4... ] website [/url] for more information.

Hope that helps!

(PS: Even though somebody says that you need to speak and write in AmE, they don't mind if you use BrE, as long as you're consistent with vocabulary and pronunciation)
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Thanks for your info.Particularly the link is helpful.
I'm relieved to hear that I don't have to talk to native examiners.
Making speeches in front of natives always makes me nervous.
check this site out. iam taking the exam soon. thought i must share it with others:
hope it helps. best of luck.