A a French citizen I would like to know what you people think about my country which has certainly its flaws but also great qualities.
I will read all your answers and will respond you to tell you if what you say is a typical "cliché" or if it's quite true.

For example I'm going to start with the so called "riots" which were perceived in foreign countries like a WAR !! I was quite startled to know that because it was NOT that at all, At night some cars were burned but there was no murder or things like that.

Anyway I let you speak now. Emotion: smile
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I think that france is a great country with great people ..well according to the french i know they are really kind people ...it's really a very beautifull country Emotion: big smile
Hi Frenchboy, I've been to Paris and I really liked the city and the citizens! In my little journey there I understood that when you are a foreigner and you try to speak your little french, french people are very happy for this and appreciate all your efforts, and they help you a lot without laughing at you or pretending not to understand you when you say something wrong (and believe me: my french is very little so I said many wrong things Emotion: wink )...that's good because sometimes it happens that if you aren't able to speak well a language people are bothered and don't help you!

By the way, I really liked the atmosphere in Paris...I wish I could live a long period there Emotion: smile
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It's countries like France that make me even prouder of being a European!
Hello FrenchBoy72,

i think France is soo cool country. When i stare French flag, it makes me feel relieved . Blue is really good color and your battlesuits are blue Emotion: big smile thats interesting! (i think the reason is your flag includes blue)

My dad is working with his best French friend in Italy (they worked together in Turkey before and his family become our family friends) ... He says they watched the Italy-France match together (of course with Italian friends too) and they really had fun... In any case Uncle Jérômeis really cheerful man Emotion: smile...I dont know if all the Frenchs are the same with him but if they have similar personalities with him, i love French People Emotion: smile

And the Frenchs on this site...They are soo cute ( my number one is Waiti Emotion: wink)

P.S: Welcome to EF...!
I'm studying French and I love the language! Even though I have not been to France (maybe someday I will), I think the French have contributed a great deal to European history. From the famous french wines & fromages to the haute couture, everything about France is just fabulous. Very eagerly awaiting to visit France and I do hope I can save enough money and take time off to take a detailed tour of this wonderful country!Emotion: smile
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French is the most beautiful language ( although it is difficult enough for me for its grammar and pronunciation).France is famous for its art and culture and intellectuals like Hugo, Dante ,Voltaire etc .This country has a great importance in the history of Europe (Especially French revolution and Napoleon).
I personally feel that French people are a bit concious about these things and think themselves superior than others.
As a previous person, I think that French is the most beautiful language in the world!!
hey i have to ask: What do you know about Benet in Vendée?

is Benet an agricultural town??
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