"Well, I did correct it, but I'd suggest you not to give to your topics titles such as "Help me!! Please check my short essay immediately('cause tomorrow I'll have to give it to my teacher)"... This 'cause here we are all volunteers, and as you've seen in all the other posts we've always tryed to help as many of you as we could, but I'd also like to remember you that we're not here to make your homeworks instead of you... This last part is personal, don't know if other posters think the same, but, since I'm 16 and I'm not English [Italian], I don't like to read "immediately" as if we would be forced to correct your homeworks...

That's all... Best wishes,


That's what I posted this night, maybe I was a bit rude, but it is what I think... We are here to help you, not to make your homeworks...

"i need this essay by friday please i suck at grammar can someone help me"...

Being honest, I don't like to read titles like this either...

g'day yohf

i think that you are putting too much pressure on yourself and need only to reply to the threads that interest you

when i see a title that irritates or annoys me i simply do not bother to even read the post

you gave a very helpful response to a request to do homework and should be commended and appreciated by the poster but i feel that this is now unlikely as the original poster may be a little cautious

you must remember that many of the posters are also quite young and inexperienced and i am sure that they do not intentionally offend when they are requesting assistance but are simply being honest and open about their needs and it is very difficult to admit to requiring help and this may add to some melodramatically worded titles for threads

your resopnse and assistance was wonderful

Yep... I reckon you're right... But sometimes I get irritated from those who seem to die without us making their homeworks... Emotion: stick out tongue