The grandparent's day just passed. And that triggered me to raise this topic. I have a very nice American friend, who is going to have her 80th birthday. I thought of sending her a gift for her birthday, but I was told not to remind her of her age. However in my culture, to celebrate the birthday for grandparents is a way to show kind feelings and admirations(for her old age of course). That is quite important. Shall I just pretend that I don't know her birthday? If so, it just feels strange to me.
How about people in other cultures? How do they think of getting old?

Looking forward to your ideas. Thanks!
I definitely think you should give her the present!! Surely she will not think about her age any more if you do that - it can only please her. Even at such an advanced age you do not forget your birthday and since time passes anyway, why not have a little celebration? Where are you from ahava yin? Here in Malta too it is an admirable thing to grow so old. There are many sayings in Maltese which advise the younger generation to respect the experience of their elders.
Sending a present or card on a birthday reminds peaple more that they have someone thinking about them and someone that cares about there wellbeing.
Go for it"
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In China, celebrating an elder's birth is very important.
If he or she is over 60 years, most of their children will hold a big party.
and then at 71,81,91...
Take my grandpa for example, we held a very big party for his 71 years' birthday party.
The relatives and friends of our family were invited.
My grandpa was very happy because he was still healthy, and his wife, children and grandchildren were all around him.

My grandpa does not care of getting because he experienced all the feeling in life.
What made me moved is that my grandma said the reason she hope my grandpa will passway before her is that he could not suffer from the sadness of losing his wife.
ahava_yinI thought of sending her a gift for her birthday, but I was told not to remind her of her age.

It's okay to give a birthday present, just don't mention the age.