Identity theft = ?
I think "theft" means "the case of being stolen", but "identity" means what?

Worry = worry people whose computers were stolen?

Identity theft worries

Stolen computers have Wells Fargo customer data No passwords or ID numbers were in database; thousands at risk.
Hello Jobb

If a person collects personal information about you, such as passwords,
ID cards, name and address details, etc., and then uses that information
to impersonate you for fraudulent purposes, it's 'identity theft'.

In this case, some computers with databased information about Wells
Fargo customers were stolen. Criminals may now use those details
to impersonate the customers and run up debts in their name, etc.

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Identity theft worries = Identity theft worries people whose computers were stolen? Of course, police are worried, too.
Sorry, I forgot to say.

I think in this instance, everyone's worried about whether customers
will be impersonated fraudulently. So probably the customers are
most worried.