Can you explain what this idiom means: " Stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes"?
I'll try my shot on this one:

Idiom is a group of words that forms a totally different meaning than the words' literal value. For example, the literal value of "better half" is a better 50% of a whole. Its idiomatic counterpart is a spouse.

There are other meanings as well, but this is the widely used meaning of
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Never mind. I misread the question. Haha, stupid me.
Read the second half of the question and half another go at it! You might be able to find your half an orange?
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We don't say half an orange (media naranja) in English.
We say...the other half
or sometimes.....the better half
Pull the wool over someone's eyes = to hide your real intentions or actions from somebody.
Don't try and pull the wool over my eyes - I know what you are doing!
I must say I am impressed! I didn't think you were going to understand this one. You didn't cheat, did you? Now I can say you know some Spanish.
Talking about idioms what's everyones favourite English idiom?
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Which one is yours?
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