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I'm working on translation of one movie and I came across to this idiom. If you say about two people that they're joined/attached(that's my case) at the hip it means that they're very close with each other/they spend a lot of time with each other. In my case, the speaker was referring to the couple of lovers, but please, may I use it in the normal conversation for the description of very good friendship? I mean, if I'd wanted to say that two people are really good friends, not lovers, may I use this idiom as well?

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I've certainly used it this way, and I clearly remember my son's kindergarten teacher using it to refer to my son's close friendship with another little boy. I'll be interested to see if others attach a romantic meaning to the expression, though.
I would use it to describe platonic friends, since new lovers are supposed to spend all their time together...it isn't unusual.
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Okay, thanks, D.
I think I'm gonna be using it rather in the "close friendship" context..Emotion: smile
thanks for the answer

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I agree with Delmobile:  it just means that the two people spend all their time together, whether as friends or as a couple.
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