If you want to share an idiom / saying or you want to learn / memorise new idioms, why not playing with them?
The only rule goes like this: the next poster must write an idiom where at least a word (no need for it to be the first one) begins with the first letter of the last word of the previous idiom. Something like this:

1. as American as apple Pie>> next: you need P___

2. be at Peace with the Word>> next: you need W___

3. Water off a duck's Back>> next: you need B___

If you want to join the game, please write an idiom where at least one word begins with "b."
Good luck! (Will we get stuck when it comes to letters like j or x? If so, we'll begin again with a new letter)
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Bob's your uncle.
Bob's your uncle.

Ugly as sin.
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Short end of the stick.
Great! learned something new and interesting today!

(Bob's your uncle used to mean that something will happen very quickly and simply:

Just tell them you're a friend oGreat! f mine and, Bob's your uncle, you'll get the job. )

It seems I should follow S, here I've got:

Show of Hands

Need an H...

To have your heart in your mouth
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My heart was in my mouth when the chairman declared the winner of the debate.

Mean Business
I’ll be busy putting flesh on the bones of my tentative little theory in my essay before the due time.

rub salt in/into the wound
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