Hi guys,

Can you please help me with this idiom in this context? I'm working on the translation of one show from the UK called "Easy as Pie". As the name suggests, it's about pie cooking. Context: The guest in this show Fiona Armstrong is making an apple meringue pie and she's still repeating that the receipe of this pie is very similar to the lemon meringue pie, which is very typical for the UK. Anyway, she decited to make him with apples, not with the lemon....Okay and here is the thing....As she started to work on the apple meringue pie, she said:

So, into that I'm going to put my lemon peel. I've got the rind from half a lemon there.
So you can see the lemon meringue pie, even though it's an apple meringue pie, is getting a look in as well.(???) I'm also going to put in the juice from half a lemon......

Please what does the red sentence mean? Of course, I found the definition of this idiom on the internet, but I don't get it...:-(((

thanks in advance guys!

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Here's the idea.

The recipe for lemon meringue pie is getting a chance to get involved with the recipe for apple meringue pie.

Thanks Clive! [Y]