Here is the stanza :

But all that's left is a place dark and lonely
A terraced house in a mean street back of town
Becomes a shrine when I think of you only
Just two up two down.

My question is : what does the line in bold mean ?
I would be most grateful if someone could explain it !
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Thanks, Nona.

I found your question while searching for the meaning of these lyrics. Anyway, in my mind 'Just two up two down' in the song is just where the terraced house is located. In the UK many homes are terraced (a row of homes connected). Two up and two down would pin point the location of the house. Hope this helps.
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Two up two down means two rooms upstairs (generally bedrooms) and two downstairs (living-room and kitchen or possibly living room and parlour). This is a very usual arrangement for working-class terrace housing from the Victorian era and even later. It is antonymic to "flat," the usual British term for the American "apartment." Flat definitely connotes a single level in a larger building, usually not terraced.

As somebody else has written, terraced housing has identical dwellings side by side, sharing walls (no space in between). I believe that theuse of the word terrace alludes to the fact that the entire development had to undergo terracing, i.e., the leveling and/or filling of earth to make for an even surface on which to build. Very often, the name of the street would include Terrace -- e.g., Gloucester Terrace, Victoria Terrace, etc. Such a street would only have terrace houses and in fact often be part of a larger development of terrace houses, sometimes with detached housing (or semi-detached, i.e., shared vertically by two dwellings).
Anonymous sometimes with detached housing (or semi-detached, i.e., shared vertically by two dwellings).
Called "duplex" in US.
Two up two down refers to a type of house. This is explained in line two " A terraced house in a mean street back of town"

Two up means one bedroom & loo, while two down is a living room and a kitchen. A terraced house means one that is part of a row, all joined together, a popular style from the Victorian age. They are not so common these days, as people prefer either detatched or living in an apartment.

Hope this helps


Nottingham, UK
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two up two down means a house with two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs, a traditional small 'terrace' house for working people.
NiannaYour interpretation makes sense. However, what about the line "behind the door where my love reigned as queen" ?This line is more favourable to the idea that the narrator IS the milkman, since he is talking from the perspective of the other side of the door. I think both interpretations are possible. There are still flaws in the interpretation :1) in my interpretation : why would there be a bottle of milk if the milkman's lover had put her sign "no milk today" ?2) in yours : why would there be a sign "no milk today ?", no milk at all, and not "just one bottle ?"
maybe she just left him and he still has 1 bottle of milk, so he doesn't need one the next day Emotion: sad
A 'two up two down' is a small terraced house - with just two rooms uptairs and two rooms down. That's all it means!
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A two-up, two-down is a tiny workman's cottage with two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs.
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