Hi guys,
may I have a question about this special US idiom? Because I'm not 100% sure about howto translate it.

Boys are jumping over one gap. One of these guys just made it over, but the other boy is making a joke about him.
A: Almost didn't make it over, fat-ass.
B: Lay an egg, psycho. I cleared it by a mile.
Please what "B" said? Go to hell? Back off? Leave me alone? Give me a break? Of course I found an definition of this idiom on the internet but I'm not very wise from it...:-( Is it offensive?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards
It isn't offensive, but it is very informal. I wouldn't say it to my boss.
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Hi, JCD. B might confessed to drawing a blank of his attempt and snapped to the pricklish notice. I don't think it's offensive, but mostly depends on a person I guess.
Hi guys,
thank you for answer regarding whether it is offensive or not.
So how'd you say it in the other way? Not offensive, but very informal....Mind your own bussiness? Get off my back?