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first off all I have to say that I heard this phrase many times, but in the next context I'm out.Emotion: sad ...okay, here it is..There are two brothers, one of them hijacks trucks for the mobs in the NY. But his brother thinks that it is dangerous to work for the NY underground, so he decided to hide the money which his brother has stolen from the hijacked trucks. He thought that way he will force him to make a promise that he won't be working for the gangsters in NY...But that brother is pissed off...he said about it to his sister...

"He stole that money. And he thought it was a great idea to hide it from me, ???to make a point???."

Please what is he saying? I checked the meaning of this idiom at www.thefreedictionary.com, but that defition doesn't make any sence to me here...Emotion: sad

thanks in advance for help, guys.

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To draw attention to his argument or point of view.

eg Tom is married. He had an affair with another woman.

His wife said 'If you do that again, I will leave you forever'.

To make a/her point, she packed her suitcase and put it near the front door.

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Amazing, thanks Clive! Got it!

On the second thought, that definition on the thefreedictionary.com makes a sense afterall.....

"To draw attention to his argument or point of view" is more or less the same as "to turn his argument into an important matter" ....I wasn't able to sort it out inside my head, but yours "draw attention" helped me to get the meaning in this situation...[Y]
CliveTom is married. He had an affair with another woman.

It's good that you choosed my name...Emotion: smile

Thanks again for help, Clive.

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