I can't find the meanin of these idioms from dictionary
Can you give me a hand with them.
Tell me thses meaning.

The couple next door have been leading A CAT-AND-DOG LIFE since they married.It is fortunate that they do not have children.

I have tried everything to teach you but it was like MILKING THE BULL.

He is a real CHURCH MOUSE. Even the dogs lead a better life than he.
Milking a bull could be quite risky.

Please do not try this at home.

A Cat-and-dog life : A life full of quarrels and fighting. Cats generally don't get along with dogs very well, you know.

Milking the bull : Doing a futile job; futility; trying to do something that results in little or no desired outcome. A bull, as opposed to a cow, produces no milk at all.

Church mouse : a poor or miserable person (from the saying "As poor as a church mouse"). It's hard for a mouse in a church to get enough food, compared to a house's mouse.
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